Puffer’s Dreamland

is where each character has their own unique charm, personality, and story waiting to be discovered by those who venture into their dream world, where imagination and reality mix in an astonishing full fairy-tale harmony. Since the COLLECTION OF 50 UNIQUE FANTASY ANIMAL CHARACTERS CALLED PUFFERS is complete, I’ve decided to share 33 of the best with you in LIMITED EDITION HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS PRINTS.


Puffer’s Dreamland

I dream with an open eye;

with the open heart and with my dear soul in my hands! … without fear or expectations! I see what is not seen, hear what is not heard, feel what is given to me and I speak in silence! I’m here and now with all of you- on the right path, at the right time, doing the right things!

All my unique mind-blowing artworks are created with an open heart, a lot of love, and commitment.  In other words, all this is possible to sense when you see or touch my works of art. Above all this makes me the happiest person.

connected with nature

My Latest Collection




Surrealisem/ Nadrealizam Art

What’s Real Never Goes Away

Virtual exhibition Blanka Blinx Art

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